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What We Really Do at Wise Choices Financial

Where Should You Get Your Financial Advice?

Tax Planning Strategies

Will You Have A Great Retirement? 

The Medicare Maze

Thank you to Susan Rupe for this great article encompassing what the Medicare space looks like at the moment and how Wise Choices Financial and The Medicare Whisperer™ fits in. Check it out!

Inspiring Conversations with Mark Squires of Wise Choices Financial

Read to learn more about Mark, Wise Choices Financial and what paved the way to where we are now.

Thank you to the wonderful editorial staff at VoyageKC Magazine for this great article!

Mark Squires, LACP At Your Service

Congratulations to Mark Squires for adding a few more letters to his name! Read about what led him to become a Life and Annuity Certified Professional (LACP).

Have Your Financial Dreams Become Fairy Tales?

Let us help with your financial journey.

"Dreams Don't Work Unless You Take Action." - Roy T Bennet

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Our Mission is to empower people to achieve a Debt-Free life, build a lifelong financial foundation, and live the lifestyle of which they’ve dreamed both before and after retirement.

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