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I can't brag enough on the advice and comfort this place gives me. It's warm and friendly and they have integrity beyond measure. I would trust them with your financial goals, insurance needs, and estate planning.

If you’re in need of financial advice this is the place for you! I lost my grandmother a while back and Mark helped my family and I with all her financial arrangements. My grandmother used Wise Choices Financial for a very long time and had nothing but good things to say about Mark and his team. Not only does he give great advice but has the kindest heart and checks to see how I am doing personally. Thank you for all your help Wise Choices Financial!

Mark and his team are fantastic at helping! I don't understand investments in any way shape or form. I have always been a saver but Mark has helped me grasp a tiny bit of this stuff and invest my savings in a smart way! Thanks bunches Mark!

Mark Squires is a wealth of information in a world where you don't always know where to turn. I would highly recommend him when looking for help with your financial plan.

Mark is a great person to work with! He cares about people.

I am a pharmacist and see so many elderly who are misled by "experts" in Medicare enrollment scams. If you or anyone you know are approached by an agent of any Medicare company, refrain from giving them any information. You need to talk to Mark Squires. He is an independent Medicare specialist who does not benefit by signing someone up for a certain company. He will work with you to find the best company for your needs. Mark is an upstanding member of our community and knows what he is doing.

Mark will educate you in what you are signing up for. In 20 minutes you will know more about the industry than most people that work in it. He does a thorough job in figuring out what his client needs and then places them with the best provider to fit that need. I would have no problem referring anyone to Mark and knowing they are getting the best help possible.

I have known Mark for a few years now. I would trust him with any of my friends and loved ones. Mark is one of the most professional and caring Insurance agents I have ever met. Let him help you. You will not be disappointed. Keep up the awesome job you do Mark.

I have known Mark Squires for several years and I am confident in referring my clients to him. He is passionate about helping others and is a wealth of knowledge. Mark helped a client of mine (we'll call her Cindy) navigate through a tough situation. I had just started helping her organize her home office. Shortly thereafter, Cindy's husband passed away. I gathered all of their paperwork and handed it over to Mark. He was able to sort through it all and in the process he discovered two life insurance policies that she had forgotten about as well as some spousal benefits from the military. Cindy's husband had been an active duty marine. Mark sat down and reviewed all of the information thoroughly and with great care and compassion. To have a resource like Mark is a huge blessing to me and to Cindy and her family. I will continue to refer business to Mark Squires. He is a true professional and a pleasure to work with.

I'm posting this review for my mom because her and technology can sometimes not agree with each other. Mark was great the entire time. He was able to find a plan to help my mom that was so much cheaper than what she was originally going to go with. He truly cares about the people he works with.

Mark is passionate about his knowledge and wanting to help people steer clear of Medicare pitfalls. Everyone knows him as the Medicare whisperer because he stays on top of all the new rules coming out and he cares about you and your family! Highly recommend Wise Choices Financial!

Mark Squires is my go-to person for all my questions regarding my parent's Medicare plans. He is exceptionally knowledgeable and doesn't pull any punches. I always feel like I am respected and heard by him.

Mark Squires is the first and last name you will need when it comes to Medicare questions. As an insurance agent, he looks out for his clients because he works for them and not Medicare. I have referred close friends to Mark and they are all impressed and pleased with his knowledge and ability navigating the Medicare system. If you want to get the best service and not worry about your Medicare, Mark is the first phone call you need to make.

As far as I am aware, Mark is one of the most astute, knowledgeable Medicare insurance professionals. He is one of the most honest and hard working insurance professionals I know. He is the best person to assist those who are struggling to navigate this complicated maze called Medicare. Don't struggle. Call Mark today!

Mark Squires, LACP At Your Service

Congratulations to Mark Squires for adding a few more letters to his name! Read about what led him to become a Life and Annuity Certified Professional (LACP).

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