The Debt Free Destination Plan™

Teaching people to take control of their money so they can reach all their financial destinations, one dollar at a time. 

The Average Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Takes 3 Years & Trashes Credit For 10 Years.
The Debt Free Destination Plan™ Takes 3 Years and Builds Credit As You Go.

Some studies indicate that nearly 80% of adults living in America are carrying debt, with the net average being almost $90,000.

34 cents of every dollar earned, on average, is going out of the budget in the form of interest. Most Americans have little hope, or intention, of ever achieving financial independence.

Enter the “Debt Free Destination Plan” ™ from Wise Choices Financial, LLC.

We can help most people eliminate consumer debt including credit cards, personal loans, and car loans, as well as student loans in 3 years or less. If they have a mortgage, we can have most people completely debt free in 9 years or less and we do it without significantly changing their spending habits.

We are passionate about creating customized plans which set and guide people on a path to financial freedom for life. 

How Does It Work?

1) Learn How Banks & Credit Card Companies Make Their Money

2) Know What You REALLY Owe In Interest

3) Redirect Inefficient Dollars

4) We Build The Debt Free Destination Plan™ Together

5) Use Your Money Your Way With Total Flexibility


A glimpse into the Debt Free Destination Plan™ Seminar Event.