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Adulting Done Right

Wise Choices Financial presents Adulting Done Right, a podcast hosted by 3 very different people weighing in on some of life's biggest topics. 

We created this podcast to offer new perspectives and expertise on important topics that you're expected to know as an adult, but simply don't get enough awareness and education. Mark Squires, Steve Ford and Jocelyn Contreras take over the studio every Tuesday to break down a different "Adulting" topic. Join us!

Become A Master At Adulting
fountain pen on black lined paper
fountain pen on black lined paper

with the BOYS!

Wise Choices Financial presents SPORTS with the Boys,
a podcast for all sports fan.

Join the Boys for weekly banter, hot takes and the latest in the world of sports!

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WCF Videos

Have No Fear
Wise Words From Mark

These days it's so easy to get wrapped in the news and the headlines about the economy and the state of the market so here's some wise words from Mark that will ease your fear and make you optimistic about your options and your future!

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Student Loan Debt Forgiveness 2022  📚💰

One of the hottest topics this month has been the announcement of the Student Loan Debt Forgiveness. Whether you agree with it or not, it can free up much needed funds for families to start investing in what matters to them. Watch now to see how it can help you and your family!

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