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Life Insurance Services

Leaving Your Loved Ones With A Peace Of Mind: Your Legacy.

Today, it’s not enough to say you need life insurance or to think about purchasing it. It’s time to act on these interests to protect your loved ones. If the pandemic taught us anything, it is that the future is promised to no one.

Faisa Stafford, President and CEO of non-profit, Life Happens

2022 Statistics

Are you protected in the worse case scenario?

According to the 2022 Insurance Barometer Study, conducted jointly by nonprofit industry trade associations LIMRA and Life Happens, too many families in U.S. live with financial insecurity. Only 52% of consumers reported owning life insurance. 

To put it into perspective, when asked: "How long would it be before your household would feel the financial impact if the primary wage earner were to pass away?"

44% of U.S. households said they would feel financial hardship with the
first six months.


1 Month


6 Months


1 Year

Life Insurance Myths

A study done by BankRate.com pointed out some of the reasons and misconceptions people have about buying life insurance.

If you find yourself relating to any of these, reach out to a local insurance broker, like us! We can help you  work out the right amount of life insurance to buy and make sure you have the most appropriate fit for you, your wallet, and your lifestyle.

"It's too expensive"

More than half of Americans overestimate the cost of insurance three times more than the actual cost.  It can be very affordable, depending on the type and amount of coverage you need.

"I'm too young to think about life insurance."

There is no age requirement for life insurance. You can never be old or too young to buy life insurance. Costs increase as you get older so the earlier you are covered, the cheaper it is.

"My life insurance through work is enough."

While life insurance through an employer can be sufficient for some people, it isn’t enough for employees that have non-working spouses, sizable mortgages, large families, or special-needs dependents. 

"Life insurance is for families"

You don't need a family for life insurance to work for you. It can be used to pay off your debts, including student loans, mortgages, and car loans. It can also be used to take care of your final expenses, such as burial.

Life Insurance Is More Than Money

It's A Peace of Mind

Ensure that your loved ones are taken care of financially in the worst case scenario.
- Income Replacement
- Pay Off Debts
- Pay Burial & Funeral Expenses

It's A Plan For The Future

Secure a future for your children at an early age by creating an education fund that takes care of college expenses.

It's Your Legacy

Use your wealth to leave a legacy in the form of a charitable contribution or pass it along to a loved one as an inheritance.

Protection With A Purpose.

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